Who’s listening to Wicked Rhody?

-       A person looking for something fun to do this weekend.

-       A mom or dad who is looking for a fun activity the whole family can enjoy.

-       The “point-person” in the group in charge of making plans with her girlfriends.

-       The traveler who’s coming into town a few days early before a conference or staying a few days after to enjoy all the beauty of Rhode Island.

-       Newlyweds & Empty Nesters looking for an amazing dining experience!

-       A person who just wants a day to themselves to do something fun or relaxing.

I guess the easiest way to describe our Wicked Rhody listeners is to say that they’re YOUR CUSTOMERS!

Here are some of the ways we can plug your business or event directly into the minds of Wicked Rhody listeners via their ear-buds!

Sponsorship Segments:

Wicked Tasty: 1 Restaurant per Episode

Looking to fill the tables or reservation list at your restaurant?

No matter what style or price-range your restaurant is, this is the perfect way to show off what makes your place unique, whether it’s the décor & vibe of the dining room, or the experience and artistry of the culinary staff!

We’ll highlight the best features about your restaurant, appealing to the senses of the listener, even before they walk through your front door!

Wicked Family Friendly: up to 2 Per Week

Not sure if this is the right fit for you?

Just take a look at your admission structure.  If you offer a family package or discount, then the answer is ABSOLUTELY!

People looking for something to do with children of all ages tune in exclusively for this feature, and most importantly – they respond to the call-to-action we provide.

Wicked Romantic: 1 Suggestion Per Episode

This segment is all about providing a new suggestion for those going on a first-date or looking to create a spark with someone special!

This is a perfect segment for quiet, upscale restaurants that offer an intentionally unique dining experience, or multi-tiered suggestions such as a Spa & Stay package.

Prize Give-Away Sponsorship

As if we need to really describe what we’re doing here!

We should note that we do have a few guidelines for this though:  The prize must be a minimum of either $50 value or valid for a family admission up to 6 people (2 adults & 4 children, under 16)

Custom Sponsorship Packages Available - Tailored to meet your needs and deliver results! In addition to show sponsorships, we can do bulk episode sponsorships (which gives you a savings), and also help boost your company with  a la carte social media promotion.


For Event Hosting or Live Appearance opportunities with Mary Larsen or Ben DeCastro - please email us with the details of the event including the time & location. Opportunities are subject to availability.

If you'd like to work with Wicked Rhody, A Wicked Good Podcast About Rhode Island Events & Life - please email us at wickedrhodypodcast at gmail dot com.
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