Wicked Rhody: (3/29 - 3/31)

Wicked Rhody podcast host Ben and fill in host Blake discuss Rhode Island life, ideas, events, and stuff to do for the week of March 29th.

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We’re excited to announce a new sponsor:  Float-RI, located on Post Road in Warwick!

Float RI is an amazing place offering a wide range of services to help you balance your mind, body & soul, including Massage & Reiki, Fitness Classes, Aura Photography, and Floatation Therapy!

We’ll be visiting float in the coming weeks to experience some of their services, including floating which is where you spend either 60 or 90 minutes in a private pod of 850 lbs of epsom salt and 10 inches of water are heated to skin temperature, creating an anti-gravity environment.  

What happens when you float?  Stress and tension are released from the muscles.  Natural endorphins are released and the brain sends out alpha waves associated with meditation and relaxation.

New to Rhode Island, this type of therapy has been used by pro-athletes around the world for decades!

Learn more about FloatRI by visiting our website, and of course, we’ll be sharing our experiences in the coming weeks, plus we’ll have some wonderful give aways as well!

Wicked Interesting:

WinterDash 2019 // BoldrDash Race Saturday, March 30



Wicked Fun in the 401

Super Smash Bro's Monthly Smash-Down
Sunday 3-6
Brewed Awakenings in Johnston
Bring your own controller (Nintendo Switch) & join Brewed Awkenings for their first Super Smash Bros Ultimate Smash-Down! Winner takes all! This event is limited to 100 people.
Prepare your three best fighters for the event. We’ll be using the Squad Strike mode. One match will determine the winner, but you can always bounce back in the loser’s bracket, and still take first place!
WHOA. This just in - RITUAL MOTION has partnered with us and is giving away a $150 cash prize to the first place winner. This is in addition to the tournament cash prize. BIG NEWS! Who is joining us to win some serious 💵?

Laugh & Rock The Night Away -
Hosted by: Dare To Dream Ranch. Military Retreat. Multifaceted Equine Therapy Programs

Pysanky Workshop (“Pysanka” is pronounced “PIH-sahn-kah” (with the plural “pih-sahn-KIH”), with all short vowels. The term “pysanky” is not, never was, nor will it ever be correctly pronounced “pie-SAN-kee”!!!!) -- hear it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVsQ1tU6M7w
Saturday 10-12
Audobon Society of RI in Smithfield
Come try your hand at the Ukrainian tradition of dyeing eggs called Pysanky. Learn about design, planning and dyeing eggs. Information will be provided about how to obtain Pysanky tools and dyes to continue the tradition at home. All supplies are provided. Participants will create one egg. Wear clothes that can get messy, as dyes are permanent.
Register here: http://bit.ly/2XghStf

Shrek The Musical - Presented by Johnston Dance & Performing Arts


Wicked Family Friendly

Dumbo Opening Weekend at Cinemaworld in LIncoln
Don't miss out on everything Cinemaworld Lincoln Mall 16 is doing for the premiere of everyone's favorite flying elephant!
Each day opening weekend (Mar 29-30) don't miss Mystery Princess Meet & Greets! Each day a different, very special princess will visit Cinemaworld for picture opportunities!
Each ticket purchased for the movie "Dumbo" will get you a raffle entry for one of many Dumbo-themed prizes including Dumbo Funko Pops!
Finally don't miss our Special limited-time only "Circus Combo" at the concession stand. Enjoy a small popcorn, drink and your choice of Roasted Nuts (pecans, cashews and almonds available) all for $14+tax.

Wicked Romantic

Funny 4 Funds - Fundraiser for “RI Canine Search & Rescue” https://www.facebook.com/events/239311866968379/
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